Friday, March 6, 2009

Ya'll got scales on your eyes!

So this comic has been in the making for a while, and we needed to get it just right before posting...
Okay we've been slacking. But we do have plenty of stuff on deck and hopefully they'll be cranked out during Spring break.

You're probably wondering about said "steak cake". This is a groundbreaking creation of mine, co-founded by Jason and enjoyed, in it's prototypical years, by Josh, Patrick, and Kelly. Let me explain. Imagine, if you will, a cake, covered in icing and sprinkles. Now replace the cake with steak, the icing with mashed potatoes, and the sprinkles with peas. The result is something that can only be described in holy terms. The whole of our group can testify to the glory of the steak cake, which is topped only by the glory of God Himself. The tasting was truly a humbling experience.

Anyway, there really was no Oscar. Not in the award sense, but in the pet turtle sense. You can be sure that he'll be making a second or third appearance.

Keep your eyes out for a new comic very soon!

Much love,


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