Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Plot Thickens

It may be a slight extrapolation of the truth, but there are people who support such doctrine. You'd think He would have written it down for us. Like in some kind of library, compiled over 1500 hundred years, written by over 40 authors in a historically cohesive 66-book library. Oh well, a man can hope can't he.

In other news, we have a great treat for all you L4D fans (every CA guy on campus). Our next comic will be a fantastic 3-part epic. There will also be a special appearance (by the horde, and someone else!)

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Happy late Thanksgiving,



The Machine said...

This is hilarious! hahaha, nice work guys, keep it up! these comics bring happiness to my life. :D

Bean said...

Needs more raptor. And subliminal wall writings behind the urinals for those who notice those kinds of things. Good pee face.

"Good pee face"

Seriously? That's a comment that someone can leave for someone else? I guess I just did it, so, yes.

CRAiG-o said...

HAHAHA! just goes to show ya, hearing from God is a good skill, you'll go though a lot less piars of underwear each day!

J and J said...

^ ...I guess that's one way to interpret it...